Welch College

Welch College

Gallatin, Tennessee

Welch College

Welch College is a private not-for-profit, four or more years institution located in Gallatin, Tennessee. The campus is situated in a fringe rural area and is home to 393 undergraduate students.

Frequently Asked

How much does it cost to attend Welch College?

The cost of undergraduate tuition and fees for attending Welch College for an academic year is $19,582. Both in-state and out-of-state students pay the same tuition. Including the cost of living of $15,728 (for room and board, books and supplies and other miscellaneous expenses), raises the cost from $19,582 to $35,310 for an academic year. 74% of undergraduate students at Welch College receive financial aid reducing the average cost paid by students to $21,329.

What degrees are offered at Welch College?

The degrees offered at Welch College include "associate's degree", "bachelor's degree" and "master's degree".

What are the popular majors at Welch College?

The most popular programs/majors at Welch College include "Bible/Biblical Studies", "Psychology, General"" and "Pastoral Counseling and Specialized Ministries".

What is the graduation rate at Welch College?

The graduation rate at Welch College is 53%.

What is the debt of graduating Welch College students? What is the earnings?

The median debt of Welch College students is $12,000 and after college, former students in their mid-career (10 years after entry) earn an average salary of $31,000.


College Category

Degree-granting, primarily baccalaureate or above

Student-to-faculty Ratio


Awards Offered

Associate's degree

Bachelor's degree

Master's degree



College Type

Private not-for-profit

Campus Housing


Location Setting

Fringe Rural

Average Grant or Scholarship Aid




1045 Bison Trail
Gallatin, Tennessee 37066-8460

College Website



(615) 675-5255

Admissions Website


Online Application Website



This college has open admission policy

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Costs to Attend

The cost for undergraduate students to attend Welch College for an academic year can be broken down into $19,582 for tuition, $0 for fees, $1,000 for books and supplies, $7,728 for room and board and $7,000 for other expenses. The cost for in-state and out-of-state students is the same.

Tuition and Fees

Books and supplies$1,000
Room and board$7,728
Other expenses$7,000
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Welch College has 393 undergradute students. 43% of the undergraduate students are male compared to 57% female.

Undergradute Enrollment


Enrollment by gender


43% men


57% women

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The graduation rate for undergraduate students at Welch College is 53%. The graduation rate for male undergraduate students is 57% compared to 50% for female undergraduate students.

The retention rate for undergraduate students at Welch College is 73%. Retention rate is the percentage of first-time undergraduate students who return to continue their studies the following fall semester.

Graduation Rate


Graduation Rate by Gender


57% men


50% women

Retention Rate

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After College

The average earnings of former students working 10 years after entry at Welch College is $31,000 with 25% of former students having earnings less than $17,700 compared to 25% former students having earnings greater than $39,800.

Mean Earnings After 10 Years


Earnings Range After 10 Years

$17,700 - $39,800

Percent Earning Over $25,000 After 10 Years


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Programs and Majors

The largest programs/majors at Welch College include "Bible/Biblical Studies" with 21 graduates followed by "Psychology, General" with 5 graduates, "Pastoral Counseling and Specialized Ministries" with 5 graduates, "Business Administration, Management and Operations" with 4 graduates and "Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods" with 4 graduates.

Bible/Biblical Studies21
Psychology, General5
Pastoral Counseling and Specialized Ministries5
Business Administration, Management and Operations4
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods4

ⓘ Graduates by program are reported for students receiving bachelors degree.

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